Fello Holiday Closure December 27-31


Dated October 18, 2021


In response to the volatile shipping environment related to the ongoing pandemic, and the excessively high rate of late shipment deliveries to our customers, Fello has initiated a new "Early Day" Shipping Policy for all orders, effective 10/24/21.


Fello's new "Early Day" Shipping Policy:

  • There is no additional cost to the customer.
  • Your rental order will automatically be shipped to arrive one day prior to your requested Rental Start Date.
  • Look out for the Tentative Delivery Date noted on your order confirmation and make sure your designated contact person responsible for accepting your shipment is aware of the possibility that it can arrive on the Tentative Delivery Date or the following business day.
  • Be sure to email [email protected] or contact your direct Fello representative in the event that you're unable to accommodate an earlier ship date. In this event, you will be required to sign a document that will release Fello from any obligation to re-ship your order, and/ or refund or credit your payment in the event of a delayed delivery. 


IMPORTANT: Fello will continue to consider your Rental Start Date as the date by which an order needs to arrive, and the order will not be considered late until/unless the delivery has not been completed by end of day of the Rental Start Date.

  • Do not use this policy as a means by which to extend your rental and avoid paying the associated rental fees as the delays are affecting up to 50% of all shipments and can seriously impact the success of your event/deployment.
  • Any extended shipping delays that result in your rental order not arriving by the Rental Start Date, are not the responsibility of Fello. In the event of a delayed delivery, Fello is not obligated to re-ship the rental order. However, whenever possible the customer will have the option to have their order re-shipped for an additional cost.